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Fixed Wing
Fixed Wing  

Fly in Hawaii Services is your one stop destination in Hawaii for on-demand, inter-island air charters and we also offer private charter tours, aircraft rentals and flight school instruction with the most professional pilot training programs. Our Pilot training programs offer students industry exposure through our chartered services division, so that they are oriented with the industry from day one.

Fly in Hawaii offers Part 61 flight school instruction. No matter what level you are at in your training, you will be able to select from our fleet aircrafts and qualified flight instructors.

Air charter flights in Hawaii are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With our fleet of eight passenger Piper Chieftains, we offer inter-island charter flights in air-conditioned comfort. We also offer limousine service at our Honolulu location. For your safety we utilize two pilot, instrument rated crews, on all our flights.

Hawaii airplane rentals: Whether you are a resident or a visitor to Hawaii we have an aircraft rental option for everyone. After a local or cross country checkout with one of our instructors, enjoy some of the most exciting flying in the world at reasonable rates. For even more savings ask us about our flying club.

Flight Training

Mauna Loa Fixed Wing Academy Package Training Program for Professional Pilot

Private Pilot- FAR 141 in a Cessna 172 Hours
Flight Time 35 Hrs. (24Dual, 11 Solo) Hours Cost
Airplane C-172 35.00 $4,500.00
Dual flt time - Ground Training (35 hours) 24.00 $1,242.00
Dual ground 35.00 $1006.00
CPT 2.00 $57.00

Total Flight Training Cost   $6,805.00
Instrument rating- FAR 141 in a Cessna 172
Flight time 21 Hrs. (21 dual) Hours Cost
Airplane C-l72 21.00 $2,553.00
Dual flt time - Ground training (44 Hours) 21.00 $1200.00
Simulator (Dual) 14.00 $1,400.00
Dual ground 30.00 $862.00

Total Flight Training Cost   $6,015.00
Commercial pilot FAR 141 in a Cessna l72RG and a Cessna 172
Flight Time 120 Hrs. (55 Dual, 65 Solo) Hours Cost
Airplane C172RG 15.00 $1,811.00
Airplane Cl72 105.00 $13,100.00
Dual flt time - Ground training (35 Hours) 55.00 $2,546.00
Dual ground 35.00 $1,006.00

Total flight training cost   $18,463.00
Multi-engine Commercial add on - In a Piper Seneca
Flight time 10 Hrs. (10 Dual) Hours Cost
Airplane PA-34 15.00 $3,695.00
Dual flt time - Ground Training (10 Hours) 15.00 $776.00
Dual ground 19.00 $646.00
Cockpit Procedures Training 3.00 $86.00
Simulator (Dual) 10.00 $1035.00

Total Flight Training Cost   $6,238.00
Commercial pilot with Instrument & multi-engine rating.
Flight time: 220.5 hrs of flight time (168 C-172, 16.5 C-172RG, 16 ME 20 Simulator) Cost
Total cost flight time and instruction $37,521.00
FAA Written Tests (3) $950.00
FAA Check Rides (4) $1,600.00
Flight time for check rides
(3 hrs172,1.5hrs l72RG, 1Hr PA-34)
Medical $100.00
Training Material $1,000.00
Housing (assumes shared accommodations for 6 months) $2,960.00
I-20 Visa, Administrative and Registration Fees $500.00

Total Cost: $45,500.00
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