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Island Helicopter Training is the premier helicopter aviation company in Visayas, Phillippines that offers specially tailored products suited to the needs of its clients. Situated in the Island of Mactan, the major aviation hub in the central region of the country, Island Helicopter Training provides a wide array of services to corporations and individuals such as commercial air transport, aircraft management, pilot training, emergency medical transport and repair/rebuild services. Its operation is registered under DTI and certified by the Philippine Civil Aeronautics Board.

The Presidential Management Staff (PMS) as its biggest client, IHT acquired Smartnet Hangar as its permanent hub in Mactan, Cebu. The arrival of company-owned Bell 206 L1 Long Ranger II attracted broad range of clients along with R44 Raven II Helicopter .

The Eurocopter AS350 B2 brought IHT to a higher level of service in partnership with different private entities. Utilizing the Gazelle 341 Helicopter, IHT launched the scheduled aerial tour over Cebu, Bohol (Phillippines) and nearby islands in alliance with renowned resorts in the region.

Today, IHT works hand in hand with its partners and clients ensuring that all operations are done according to the highest safety standards and utmost satisfaction of all.


The one and only Helicopter Training School in South Asia where 90% of the training done on turbine Helicopter (Bell 206, B2 Eurocopter and Gazelle)

Qualified Instructors. Our flight trainings are conducted by FAA and CAAP Certified Flight instructors with extensive background in both military and civil aeronautics, having over 1,000 hours of flight instruction given, committed to providing quality training at the highest safety standards.

Excellent Maintenance. Our aircrafts are also being maintained by US Certified Engineers who are also trained by our aircrafts manufacturer. Using only new and well maintained fleet for hands-on and actual flight training, our students are assured of high level of flying aptitude at the end of the course.

Certified Program Course. Our course syllabus is designed to equip students with the needed theoretical background in flying, with a full board of IFR certified avionics.

Best Location. IHT is conveniently located inside the MCIAA General Aviation Area, just minutes from Cebu City and Mactan's major beach destinations. The Mactan Cebu International Airport is an uncongested, towered airport that gives valuable aircraft time during waiting and taxiing. Our location gives a quick access to airports and airstrips in nearby islands, giving you additional opportunity to supplement your training environment. Best flying weather all year round!

Good Facilities. Our Flight Training facilities are always clean and orderly. Our computerized classroom is air-conditioned, comfortable and quiet.

Convenient Accommodations. IHT provides accommodation to fit your taste and budget. We can help you find your own place or share with other students.

Friendly Staff. The entire staff of IHT are professional caring individuals who will provide you with exceptional service and personal attention.

Honesty and Integrity. At IHT, we choose to do business honestly. We do not advertise attractive rates and later, add on several "hidden charges." We offer only quality products and exceptional service at reasonable prices.

You will learn to fly in . 10 hours in R44 . 115 hours in Bell 206
15 hours on Gazelle . 10 hours on B2 Eurocopter

Total Fees : Approx. $ 65,000 | Duration: 5 months
(Total Fees includes Helicopter Training course fees and 5 months Accommodation)

Fee Structure
Items Hours/Units Price(USD) Total
   Dual (PIC VFR) 115
   Solo VFR 25
   Dual - IFR 10
   Ground 75
   Instructor briefings 40
   Accommodations 5 550
   Medical 1 100
   Written Exams 2 100
   Check ride 2 475
   Checkride Rental 3 475
   Administrative fee 1 500
   Books & Materials 1 250 $250.00   
   Subtotal     $58,200.00   
   Tax     $6,984.00   
   Total Fee     $65,184.00   
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